Water Coolers

Concerns over water safety have never been more common in Canada. At the same time, the health benefits of adequate water consumption are widely known. If you are looking for an endless source of clean water, we have a variety of in-line filtration systems to meet your needs. Many are tired of bottled water because of the hassle of replacing bottles, storing full and empty containers and the expense.

You can trust our 15-years experience with Point-of-Use water coolers. These coolers have the quality and NSF certification of Everpure filtration.

Technology Comparison Chart - We use Point-of-Use water coolers!

Point-of-Use Water Coolers

Point-of-Use water coolers provide unlimited amounts of great tasting, sparkling clear drinking water at your finger tips.

Cooler Benefits:

“Today’s Alternative to Bottled Water”

The QUANTUM 1000 Drinking Water System which tucks neatly inside the cooler provides absolute 1/2 micron filtration (1/50,000 inch) removing up to 99.9% of all particles like dirt, lead, asbestos fibres, and harmful cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia. Chlorine and other offensive tastes and odors are eliminated.

*Under sink filters with counter top designer taps also available.

Provide unlimited amounts of great tasting, sparkling clear drinking water without the inconvenience of bottles.

Our filters are also ideally suited to filtering the water that is used by your automatic coffeemaker. Trust the Quantum filters that are used by major chains including Starbucks, Tim Horton's and Second Cup.

The Quantum Drinking Water System reduces or removes the following contaminants
Lead and chlorine 95-99%
Bad taste and odor 95-99%
Dirt, rust and cloudiness 99+%
Cryptosporidium parvum cysts 99+%
Giardia lambia cysts 99+%
Entamoeba histclytica cysts 99+%
Mold and algae 95-99%
Asbestos fibers 99+%
Oxidized iron, manganese & sulfides 99+%
All particles ½ micron and larger in size 99+%