Sanitizing Power

The secret of the micro washer is the FreshCUP™ Detergent, a unique blend of cleaning agents developed over many years by DeeAy Technologies that allows fast and efficient washing. The FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent cartridge contains two different kinds of detergent. The YELLOW detergent dissolves grease and washes away the dirt. sceneryThe GREEN detergent sanitizes and polishes.

Sanitization is achieved in seconds, even at room temperature, and completely eliminates all microbial pollution found on the cup.

FreshCUP™ Detergent contains an innovative anti-microbial additive, approved for use with food by the European Committee for Inspecting Detergent Agents in Food (Strasbourg 1987).

This additive is completely washed away from the cup during the washing process and acts against a wide spectrum of microbes, bacteria, yeast and molds - as shown in extensive laboratory tests.

In less than 30 seconds, everything is clean with FreshCUP™.